Third ||| Media

Robert James Donaldson III

- Robby -

Third Media's name originated from being the "third" Robert James Donaldson. Robby's work includes a vast amount of different types of photography and he is always learning something new. What has really inspired him, is the fact that it captures moments that will be lost forever.

Third Media was created in 2012 when Robby purchased his first camera. Growing up he had always been an artsy kid, but never found that one thing that truly captivated him. After purchasing and pursuing photography he has developed and continues to build his passion for it.

Robby recently relocated to Houston, Texas in pursuit of a new career within the energy industry. He also recently graduated in December 2019 from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management.

With his busy schedule, Third Media is his outlet of relaxation while presenting breathtaking work to his audience. On a daily basis, he grows and builds his experience.

For questions or comments or interest in prints, feel free to contact him, as he is always eager and welcoming to his audience.